Entertaining Aurora Winter Festival in Canada

Concord Pacific Place is the venue of this winter festival, which is closely next to the Science World. Access to the entire site is covered with the price of admission, but some things do cost extra such as market vendor merchandise, food, and drinks.

There are also additional costs for the amusement rides and tubing park slides. Skating on the frozen river is free; you can either hire or bring your skates. The event usually runs from November 23rd until December 30th. Below are some zones Aurora Winter Festival is divided up into:

Food Gardens

This is an area featuring a variety of Canadian most famous food truck vendors. They have a range of food. Their menu is wide and covers all regions from the traditional North American foods and both vegan options and vegetarian to everything from Chinese and Italian, plus not forgetting the Mexican and Japanese.

Amusement Rides

The rides include a 60-foot-high Ferris wheel offering beautiful views for guests of all ages. They also have a berry-co-round and choo-choo train for little kids. The three trips cost extra, and tickets can be acquired at the venue.

Frozen River Ice Skating

It’s located in the corner of the venue and is free with admission. This outdoor frozen river area is famous and admired for its light displays and skating around.

Main Street Market Vendors

It comprises a few of rows of huts where market vendors sell items such as honey, Christmas pajamas, both Czech and Italian pastries, fancy soaps, jewelry, and clothing. There are also temporary tattoos stations and a face painting.

Entertainment Tent

This comfortable, warm tent – since it’s a heated indoor facility is where folks can purchase refreshments while relaxing and enjoying live music and other performances. The items for sale include mulled wine, miscellaneous munchies, and hot cocoa.

Mystical Worlds

This is an area that features special light displays and other pretty things to see. The attractions include the disco den, whimsical forest, arctic retreat, and luminous gardens. The disco den section has a dance floor for dancing, LED lights, and giant animal statues, while the arctic retreat is a somewhat simple maze with snow and ice sculpture.

The Luminous Gardens section, on the other hand, you’ll find a palace, unicorn, ice throne, and garden-like displays. Meanwhile, in the whimsical forest, it’s a small area with a fox character, gnome village and gingerbread hut. These areas are especially suitable for young families and little children.

Santa’s Workshop

This is an indoor facility where visitors can find the Santa Claus and various members of his entourage. And it is also a perfect place where kids can write a letter to Santa.

Finally, to avoid having to pay extra to rent equipment, remember to carry your skates and helmet. Last but not least, don’t forget the camera; there are lots of photos to take.

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