Rio Carnival: One event you can not afford to miss out on!

Ever felt like the long weekend or the holiday that you are planning ahead should be one of a kind and moreover the most memorable one. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, give Rio carnival a try!!

Well for a person who loves to travel like me, it is a real joy to visit to one of such places. A place, where you tend to forget all your worries and tend to just enjoy what all life has to offer. It is this place which offers a myriad of culture and colors.

I live in what most consider an amazing area in Florida. Just outside of Orlando, called Kissimmee. We actually get the “kiss me” joke happening all the time. And as someone who likes to have fun when I’m not incredibly busy working as the top chiropractor Kissimmee for residents and tourists, I make sure to travel and have experiences. This was one of my tops.

This event is totally a blast and has this air of freedom .Where you can dress the way you want to, walk around, call your friends in or maybe just hang around with family and basically just have a good time together. The whole place shouts fun and awesomeness .Trust me, it will be one of a kind of experience and will leave you completely spellbound and bedazzled

I was surprised to see how cool that place was, where nothing mattered and where rules of society were left loose. It was a different kind of euphoria. Don’t you just want to get out of the shackles of society for just once?

Don’t you already feel like being there?

You must be thinking if its so much fun, it must be really expensive. But, let me tell you my dear friend, its totally light on your pocket and depending on how much you can spend ,off course you can customise it.


 Now a little bit of things that you must know about the carnival and let me just briefly tell you the how rich the history and the culture associated with it is. It marked its beginning way back in the 19th century and is believed to be a mix of European Masquerade Balls and African tribal traditions.  By dressing in intricately decorated masks with feathers, bones and often beautifully painted to re-enact their religious stories and ward off bad spirits, the African slaves would pay tribute to their Gods.

Regarding the word Carnival (Carnival in Portuguese), if you must know comes from the Catholic expression ‘Carne Vale’, or ‘Goodbye to meat’. It signifies the last chance to enjoy a good meal before the Lent began.

There are around 500 street performers and artists who are skilled enough to engage you and dilate your pupils enough.Not just the performers but there is beer in plenty to keep people happy in Rio.

It’s not just limited to Rio itself but there are similar events throughout Brazil in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Manaus, etc.

The number of people filling up the streets almost amounts to 2 million.

A few handy tips are to look up Google and to download the needed apps. Look up the weather forecast and most importantly keep your valuables safe along with it, also make sure that you don’t get lost

Happy journey 🙂

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